Management contract “Parke di Fraternan” between STINAPA and FCB

KRALENDIJK – STINAPA and Fundashon Cas Boneriano signed a management contract for “Parke di Fraternan”. For many years STINAPA has been using the park for educational activities for the primary schools of Bonaire. The education team of STINAPA has created various trails in the park focused on a theme; like parrots, animals, nature and various others.

On Thursday November 10th; STINAPA chairman Mr. Pierre Perrigault Monte and Fundashon Cas Boneriano director Ben Oleana signed a management contract for the “Parke di Fraternan”. This is to guarantee continuity and maintenance of the park. The park is an essential part of the nature education program of Bonaire.

Education Coordinator for STINAPA Ms. Desiree Croes gave a speech, and emphasized the importance of keeping the nature and the history of the frères alive.

Arthur Sealy also gave a speech at the event; he told a little bit of the history of the frères and the park. He said although the frères are no longer here, their grounds and their nature are still here, which is of huge importance for the younger generation. The park functions as a biology and science class, because it is a good opportunity for you to learn to observe. And in the park, you can see and experience the local nature.

Mr. Pierre Perrigault Monte also emphasized the importance of nature and nature education in nature environment. And he explained that a park like “Parke di Fraternan” in the middle of our downtown area is remarkable and can also help with health of our residents.

Mrs. Denise Crestiaan- Coffie of Fundashon Cas Boneriano, also directed some words to the invitees; and said “it is an honor for Fundashon Cas Boneriano owner of the Parke di Fraternan to officially pass its management on to an organization like STINAPA.

STINAPA director Mr. Jan van der Ploeg was happy that now it became official. He supports the nature education team and their goal to reach all the children and teens of Bonaire to create awareness of our nature. 

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