Many complaints about non-functioning Teller Machines

It is relatively common for both ATMs of MCB in Playa to be closed. Photo: Carlos Lopez Natera

KRALENDIJK – In recent months, there have been many complaints about the inefficient functioning of ATMs, especially those of MCB in Bonaire.

Although the MCB’s headquarters have two ATMs side by side, it is relatively common for neither of them to be operational. “This is not only the case on weekdays but also on weekends, something that has become commonplace,” says M21 figure Carlos Lopez Natera. The ATM at Caribe Supermarket has also been out of service for quite some time.

He is far from pleased with the high number of disruptions at the ATMs. “This is not what we, as customers of these banks, should expect. We therefore appeal, especially to MCB, to make every effort to improve the situation.”

St. Eustatus

The complaints are not unique to Bonaire. It is a regular occurrence that both ATM machines on St. Eustatius, both of the MCB, are also out of service. This has also led to severe criticism of bank customers on the island.

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