Many medals for beach tennis players from Bonaire in Aruba

KRALENDIJK – The beach tennis players have achieved unprecedented success in Aruba. In various classes, male and female players secured different medals. The most remarkable was the gold medal at the PRO level. Tim Eikholt and Darvick Anthony stood on the highest podium and won gold.

For the first time in the past ten years, Aruba’s players returned with a total of seven medals. Beach tennis players were successful in various categories.

Plane full of medals

Not only did Eikholt and Anthony win a gold medal, but Danielle de Kool, Asrtobal Marcano, and Farah Mesbahi also claimed the first prize. There was mixed doubles success for Xammar Saragoza and Julia Mattaar. They didn’t win the final but secured a silver medal. On the other hand, Ryan Richardson and Jacqueline Swart did win the mixed doubles.

In the team cup, Ryan Richardson, Darvick Anthony, Jacqueline Swart, and Carlin ten Hoeve also won gold. Ron Opdam, Mark Ooijevaar, Willeke Dolman, and Danielle de Kool took silver in the intermediate team cup. Maurison Martines and Bjorn Saragoza won silver in the PRO team cup. In the end, Tim Eikholt and Joeri van Bon also secured the men’s advanced category.

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