Many negative reactions on Visitor Fee sign at Flamingo Airport

KRALENDIJK – On Saturday, many negative reactions could be seen on social media about a new sign at Bonaire International Airport (BIA), which draws the attention of arriving travelers to the new Visitor Entry Tax.

Many commented that it was a negative message for visitors to see a message about tax, before anything else on the island. 

As of July 1, 2022 visitors aged 12 and under and residents of the former Netherlands Antilles pay US$10 per visit. All other visitors aged 13 and over must pay USD 75. Bonaire’s residents do not have to pay a Visitor Entry Tax.


The Public Entity warns travelers coming from the sister islands to travel with their original ID-card (sedula). “A copy is not enough; you are expected to travel with the original document,” according to Bonaire Government.

The government also advises visitors to pay the tax in advance, via online payment. If you pay online, you will receive a QR code with which you can enter the island.

Those who have not paid in advance must pay on arrival. However, this is only possible with debit or credit cards. Payments cannot be made in cash.

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