Many wonder: Will Minimum Wage and Social benefits Statia not increase?

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ORANJESTAD- Many St. Eustatius are left wondering why increases announced in Minimum Wage and Employment Benefits, announced for Bonaire and Saba, will seemingly not apply to St. Eustatius.

Knops, during budget discussions in Dutch Parliament specifically spoke about a 10% increase for Bonaire and Saba, but not for St. Eustatius.

While many assumed that this may have to do with the political status of the island, as being managed directly by The Hague instead of being governed by a local government coalition, Knops said during deliberations in the Second Chamber that the decision not to implement the increases on St. Eustatius, was taken ‘based on advice of the ‘social partners’ on St. Eustatius’, or in this case the Central Dialogue.

Urgent meeting

Koos Sneek of the List Sneek says he is ‘very surprised’ and also disappointed about the outcome. Sneek says he also took note of the motivation that the social partners on St. Eustatius had advised against adaptation of the minimum wage and unemployment benefits.

Sneek in the meantime has sent out a request for an Urgent Meeting of the Island Council to debate the issue.

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