Marechaussee encounters various incidents while carrying out duties

Marechaussee encounters various incidents while carrying out duties

Kralendijk, Oranjestad, St. Eustatius – Last week, the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee arrested a Colombian man at Flamingo International Airport for forgery. The man presented himself to passport control for departure to Curaçao. In his passport, a certificate stating his temporary admission to Bonaire was missing. Because he had stayed longer than permitted he had removed this certificate to avoid a possible fine. After consultation with the Public Prosecutors Office BES (OM BES), a fine of $500,- was imposed. He will also be placed in immigration detention to be deported. The Royal Netherlands Marechaussee submits a request to the Immigration and Naturalisation unit Caribbean Netherlands (IND-unit CN) to register the man as an undesirable immigrant for the Caribbean Netherlands.

Earlier, during surveillance around Flamingo International Airport, a woman was checked who stood out because of her driving behaviour. The check demonstrated that the woman had more than four times the permitted amount of alcohol in her blood. She was arrested and her driving license was revoked. The OM BES has now imposed a two-month driving ban. In addition, she will still have to answer to the judge for the final verdict.

At the airport F.D. Roosevelt on St. Eustatius, where the Marechaussee supports the Caribbean Netherlands Police Force (KPCN) in addition to border police duties at the airport and port, a woman was checked who was carrying more than $5000,- in bank notes. Because she could not plausibly show how she obtained the money and it was suspected that it possibly originated from crime, further investigation is being conducted by the criminal investigation department.

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