Mariadal and Delfins open a care hotel Bonaire

Mariadal and Delfins open a care hotel

Kralendijk – Fundashon Mariadal starts a care hotel together with Delfins Resort. The care hotel, on the grounds of the resort, will initially consist of six hotel rooms. Today, care guests moved into the first two rooms.

The care hotel accommodates patients – Delfins prefers to speak of care guests – who do not necessarily have to be hospitalized. The care hotel is explicitly not aimed at Covid patients. The Covid crisis is currently putting a lot of pressure on the hospital, which means that non-emergency treatment sometimes has to be postponed. The care hotel absorbs part of that pressure. In addition to patients from Bonaire, this may also include patients from Saba and St. Eustatius who require immediate health care. Fundashon Mariadal doctors are examining which patients and / or nursing home residents can be accommodated in the care hotel. The normal care staff of Mariadal also takes care of the care guests in the care hotel.

The studios that Delfins makes available are located on the ground floor and are fully equipped, such as refrigerator, microwave, TV, WiFi, air conditioning and telephone. For further adaptation to a care hotel room, the studios can be equipped with oxygen and other medical equipment. The care guests have a button to call nurses. The hospital also uses a few studios for supporting facilities. The number of studios for care guests can be expanded to a maximum of 12 hotel rooms.

Mariadal and Delfins have been in contact for some time about a care hotel. Both parties are interested in medical tourism. People with disabilities also want to be able to go on holiday. For example dialysis patients, people with a physical disability or wheelchair users. When the Covid crisis is over, they will look at how they can make that possible, according to Delfins and Mariadal.

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