Mariadal Foundation wins lawsuit against Clark Abraham

KRALENDIJK – The Mariadal which operates, among others, the hospital on Bonaire, has won a legal case in a business dispute against PDB leader and current commissioner Clark Abraham.

It concerns a civil case, in which Foundation Mariadal purchased goods from a company owned by Abraham that were only partially or belatedly delivered. Although Abraham aimed for an amicable settlement, Mariadal took Abraham to court and won the case. As a result, Abraham is required to repay over $17,000 to the Foundation, plus statutory interest.


While Abraham confirmed the verdict in conversation with ABC Online Media, the politician also indicated that he does not want to disclose too much about it. “As expected of me, I will comply with the judgment, thereby closing this file for me. Otherwise, I have no need to comment on this dispute that occurred in the business arena, and not in the political or administrative arena,” said Abraham.

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