Marketing course held at Business Incubator Bonaire

Participants to the course together with commissioner Hennyson Thielman. Photo: Businesspark

KRALENDIJK- During the past few weeks, Business Incubator Businesspark has organized its first series of marketing courses for local entrepreneurs. The training, which lasted three evenings, was provided by Nadia Dabboussi, Emilayla Coffi and Xenah Cicilia.

The first training was given by Nadia Dabboussi, who dealt with the topic of ‘branding’: what can ‘branding’ mean for your company and why it is important that your company is always presented in a uniform manner. During the second evening, Emilayla Coffi dealt with the topic of strategy. Emilayla has elaborated on the importance of strategy and how entrepreneurs can formulate the best marketing strategy for their business to succeed.

Xenah Cicilia was in charge of the last evening and she covered the topic ‘next level’: How to take your business to the next level. Her presentation was about ‘how do you sell your product, what is your product and where can you find your product’. The group of more than 45 entrepreneurs has indicated that they have gained the necessary motivation and inspiration. Every evening of the course has sparked something to improve their business.


The Businesspark coordinator who organized the course, Jermainy Diaz, is satisfied with the result and the interest in the courses. ‘There was a lot of interest in the marketing courses. In fact, the space turned out to be too small, so we had to move to the Chamber of Commerce for a larger room”.

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