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Massive Search for Missing Man on Bonaire

Various vehicles pulled out around dawn to participate in the search for the missing person. Photo: KPCN

Kralendijk- A massive search is underway for a missing man on Bonaire. The man went missing in the area behind Bopec’s oil terminal, after he went out to catch iguanas in the area.

Police from yesterday evening put out a statement with details about the missing person, Enoc Poulino Melaan.

The search this morning continued for the missing man. As the BES-Reporter understands, Melaan went out with a friend, but the two later split up. Around dusk, Melaan had not come out of the area, after which authorities were alarmed.

A professional drone, owned by the Cadastre office, was also implemented in the search to scan the terrain from above.

The drone being prepared for the search. Photo: KPCN

The Police call on anybody who may have seen Melaan or has information on his whereabouts, to contact the Police Office.

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