MBO Bonaire hands out another 127 diplomas

This year there was a special award for students who graduated from an accelerated program | Photo: SGB

KRALENDIJK- The MBO department of the Scholengemeenschap Bonaire (SGB) has awarded another 127 diplomas spread over two evenings. The students were put in the spotlight by the programme.

On Tuesday 5 July, the diplomas for the Services, Childcare, Media and Personal Counselor courses were awarded to specific target groups. Graduates of this last program also received a medal with their name and the word ‘perseverance’ in it. “Students of this 2-year program have shown a great deal of perseverance”, explains Liset de Keijzer, unit director MBO Bonaire. “Some even came straight from their night shift to school.” The mutual appreciation was great when they handed their teacher Carolien Cicilia a beautiful gift and showed a video in which they expressed their thanks for the way she was always there for them. On Wednesday 6 July, diplomas for the Construction and Technology, Business Services, Sports and Exercise and Horeca courses were awarded.


During the award ceremony, extra attention was paid to 12 students who completed their education at an accelerated pace. This customized process requires extra effort from the student and teacher. That is why MBO Bonaire awarded a special trophy to these hard workers.

MBO Bonaire congratulates all graduates on this milestone and wishes them every success with all the next steps.

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