MBO Bonaire looks back on successful Study Fair Curaçao

The school presented the various courses within the Sports & Movement and Media fields and the new courses in the field of ICT. A few teachers and (former) students were present at the fair. They talked enthusiastically about the courses, the career opportunities and the island.

For example, media student Nathaniel Paulo was able to tell from his own experience what it was like to leave Curaçao for a study on Bonaire: “I have the space here to shape my passion professionally. The island is calm and safe. The training is great and the fellow students are all very driven! ” Former media student Evander Candelaria is also happy with his choice at that time to move to Bonaire for his studies. With great enthusiasm the gentlemen showed different facets of the media profession to the many interested students.

Giardiño Thomas, student Sport & Exercise, has enthusiasm excited future students with the same passion. His tireless ability to challenge students led to many spontaneous and exciting “sports battles.” In this way he was able to draw attention to the Sports & Exercise courses in a playful manner.

The new courses in the ICT sector also received a lot of interest. Students appeared to realize that more and more companies are dependent on IT-related services and saw sufficient opportunities on the labor market.

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