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MCB Forgets to Skip April Mortgage Payments

Photo Harald Linkels

Kralendijk- In spite of the promised 3-month moratorium on mortgage and other loan payments, MCB has debited clients’ accounts for the ‘normal’ monthly payments.

Quite some people had an unpleasant surprise yesterday and today, when they tried to pay with their debit card in stores, or when they tried to withdraw cash from an ATM, only to be confronted with an ‘insufficient funds’ message.

As April 30th and May 1 are official holidays on the island, the Bank could not be reached for an explanation.

The BES-Reporter understands however, that the bank in the meantime has discovered the mistake and is working to credit back the loan and mortgage payments taken out by mistake.

It can be called surprising that the bank has not made the effort to proactively notify customers of the mishap, so that these would at least understand why, in many cases, no money was left on their bank accounts.

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