MCB Introduces New Debit Cards

KRALENDIJK – Maduro & Curielsbank Bonaire provided information on Monday about the new debit cards that the bank will be issuing to its customers.

The new cards are necessary because the currently used Maestro system is ceasing to exist worldwide. As a result, banks are forced to choose between either the Visa debit card system (Vpay) or the cards from Mastercard Debit.

MCB has now revealed that they have opted for the cards from the Mastercard organization. The bank will soon provide more information about the implementation of the new cards.

The new Bankomatiko+ card offers the cardholder more benefits than the current card, including broader worldwide acceptance, the ability to make online purchases using ‘One Time Passcode’ (OTP) technology, and the cardholder continues to earn Fun Miles with all local purchases.

The Bankomatiko+ card also has a business version for the bank’s corporate clients.

By mid-September 2023, Maduro & Curiel’s Bank will commence issuing the Bankomatiko+ card, and according to the bank, all cardholders can expect to have the new card within a period of 9 months, regardless of the expiration date of their current Bankomatiko/Maestro card.

On this special occasion and after the unveiling of the new Bankomatiko+ card by the General Manager of Card & Payment Solutions, a donation of US$ 5,000 was made to the National Parks Foundation.

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