MCB to hold Banking Workshop and Customer Desk days in Saba

The presence of MCB employees in Saba, even if only for a few days, is very welcome news for MCB customers in Saba. Photo:

THE BOTTOM – Maduro & Curielsbank (Bonaire) at the end of August will organize three days of Banking Workshops in Saba, combined with a Customer Service Desk to assist MCB and former WIB bank customers with their questions. 

The workshop focusses, among others, on so called non-branch channels, such as Internet Banking. On August 30th there will be a morning and an afternoon session of the workshop. On August 29th there will be an afternoon session and on August 31st a morning session. 

The Customer Service Desk however will be operational on all three days with a morning and an afternoon session. 

With the three days MCB Bonaire makes good on a promise by Senior Management to provide more opportunities in Saba for face-to-face meetings with the Bank’s representatives. Although the MCB and WIB for some years already now longer have a physical branch on the island, there are still many MCB/WIB customers on the island. The recent change-over from WIB to MCB brought about quite some issues and challenges, which have for the greatest part now been addressed. 


MCB asks customers to register for one of the workshops by sending an e-mail to:

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