Media Bonaire send letter with questions to health inspection about Air Ambulance situation

KRALENDIJK – In a joint letter signed by seven local media representatives, the writers pose a total of thirteen questions to the Health and Youth Care Inspection regarding the current situation concerning the Air Ambulance.

The media representatives state that they do not have a preference for the choice of a provider but are concerned about the justification provided by Mariadal.

“We want to emphasize that as media representatives, we have absolutely no preference for a specific medical air transport provider. If Fundashon Mariadal has found an airline that can provide better quality, we, as citizens of Bonaire, wholeheartedly welcome that. However, the motivation behind this choice, as received by the press and the population of Bonaire from the management of Fundashon Mariadal, raises more questions than answers,” reads part of the letter.

Through the letter signed by Michiel van Bokhorst (op de Klippen), Carmo Cecilia (BONFM), Martijn Hisschemöller (Mega Nieuws), John van ’t Hof (Antilliaans Dagblad), Sylvia de Leon (ABC Online Media), Harald Linkels (, and Marit Severijnse (Caribisch Netwerk), the writers hope to receive answers to various pressing questions.

The media representatives point out that Fundashon Mariadal is generally not very strong in responding to questions. Therefore, they want to know from the Inspection how aware it was of Mariadal’s plans, what it thinks of plans to establish its own aviation company, and what advice the Inspection will provide to Fundashon Mariadal to solve the problem.

You will find the complete letter attached.

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