Mediation process St. Eustatius successfully concluded 

Island Council, Executive Council and the mediators at the start of the process

KRALENDIJK- A mediation process carried out by former Prime Ministers of the Netherlands Antilles, Maria Liberia-Peters and Suzy Camelia-Römer, supported by Mrs. mr. Alba Martijn, lawyer and former Ombudsman of Curaçao was successfully completed on 19 May, 2022.

The mediation process took place at the joint request of the Island Council and the Government Commissioners of the Public Entity Sint Eustatius (OLSE).

The reason for the mediation was a request for an attempt to mediate between the two bodies on the basis of a motion of the Island Council of 23 December 2021, to which the Government Commissioners agreed. The aim of the motion was to get the parties back in touch with each other.


In addition to the parties talking to each other again, the mediation was also used to reach agreement on several important matters, including the twelve policy priorities for the further development of St. Eustatius, and the process for completing the Rules of Procedure was also determined.

Furthermore, the Island Council unanimously adopted a position with regard to the trajectory for the restoration of democracy by means of a Route timetable.

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