St. Eustatius

Mega D Youth Foundation Expands with Boombastic House of Teens

Mega D Youth Foundation has been very active over the last few years when it comes to activities for the youth and is now starting the Boombastic House of Teens. Photo: Bombasticafe. 

ORANJESTAD- The Mega D Youth Foundation (MYF) on St. Eustatius says they are proud to present their latest endeavour, the extension of BoomBastic known as “Boombastic House of Teens.” 

The new initiative aims to provide a safe, nurturing space where young individuals can thrive, be heard, and gain valuable knowledge and skills. At Boombastic House of Teens, teenagers can expect more than just a hangout spot; it’s a supportive community focused on instilling discipline, morals, and responsibility while offering academic support and engaging activities. 

“Our dedicated team is committed to fostering holistic development, providing assistance with homework, creating opportunities for creativity and teamwork, and collaborating with businesses and organizations to offer unique experiences” according to MYF. 

The organization also states that, after a hiatus, they are thrilled to relaunch their teen program with renewed enthusiasm. 


“We invite teenagers to join us on this exciting journey at the Boombastic House of Teens, where they can explore diverse interests and develop important life skills while becoming the next generation of leaders, change-makers, and entrepreneurs. Join us as we shape a brighter future together”, according to MYF on Friday. 

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