Memorial ceremony for fireman Reid Barnes Jr.

The Bottom, Saba- Colleagues held a short memorial event for fireman Reid Barnes Jr. at the Juancho Yrausquin Airport on Monday morning, November 25. Reid Jr., who died in July 2019, would have turned 40 on Monday. A number of employees of the Public Entity Saba who work at the airport were in attendance.

Saba Fire Chief Commander Julio Every decided together with the team to hold a short memorial for Reid Jr. on his birthday. The family of the deceased fireman was invited to attend the sober, unofficial event which started with a moment of silence with all Saba fire fighters standing at attention.

After the moment of silence, the sirens of the two fire trucks, rescue truck, the crash tender and the two quads were sounded for a short while. Commander Every thanked the family for coming. The event was attended by Reid Jr.’s parents, siblings, children and grandchildren.

A number of airport workers were present to pay tribute to a well-loved, committed and capable fireman who lost his life during a tragic accident outside work hours on July 25, exactly four months before his birthday.  Reid Jr. started working at the Fire Department in 2001.

“Reid Jr. was not just a colleague. He was a good friend. He was an all-rounder and never said no. It is very appropriate to remember and honor for who he was and what he meant to us and to the Fire Department. His death had and still has a big impact on the team,” said Commander Every, who confirmed that he intends to pay tribute to Reid Jr. every year on his birthday.

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