Memorial day Ceremony held in St. Eustatius

ORANJESTAD- A memorial day Ceremony was held on Thursday at Fort Oranje in St. Eustatius. 

Government commissioner Alida Francis said the day served to honour the sacrifices of those who served, those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our sake.

Francis told those present that we must never forget that the freedom which the secured for us cannot be taken for granted. “Freedom demands that we be responsible and resilient; it calls for commitment and cooperation, and it requires solidarity and singleness of purpose, and respect for each other, for our diversity, and for our history”, according to Francis. 

The Government Commissioner also said it was important to remember the acts of faith and everlasting love displayed by those who died during the war and in other conflicts since, it is incumbent on all of us to ensure that they continue to live in us and for us. “We must ensure that the passion and joy that they bought for us, and paid for with their lives, generate in us the daring, the desire, the hope, and the courage to continue the fight for good over evil, peace over war, love over hate and selflessness over selfishness. It is the very least our heroes and our island deserve”. 

After the speech, various wraths were laid in the second half of the ceremony, which were held at the burial grounds. 

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