Metal underwater world at Hato roundabout starts taking form

Artist Mark Ansier has been busy in past week with the construction of the sculptures to be erected on the Hato Roundabout
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Artist Mark Ansier (left) and his assistant have been busy in past week with the construction of the sculptures to be erected on the Hato Roundabout

Kralendijk- Drivers on the Kaya Gobernador Debrot will undoubtedly have noticed the work going on at the roundabout close to the Trans World Radio Studio. Sculptor Mark Ansier these past weeks has been busy laying the foundation for the sculpture to be placed on the roundabout which, until very recent, was just covered with weeds and some low growing shrubs.

Ansier is constructing a metal underwater world to beautify the roundabout. Ansier hatched the plan for the roundabout together with Debby Rauwers and her husband Marco Vermeulen. To realize the plan, Debby got help from the various parties on the island, such as Boneiru nos Orguyo and the local government.

The sculptures are being made from scrap metal collected all over the island and from waste management company Selibon.

“We have been working very hard”, said Ansier in conversation with the BES-Reporter under the blazing Bonerian sun. The artist & welder is returning to the US for the Christmas celebrations, but will come back to Bonaire right after the holidays to finish his metal underwater world. “I would have liked to stay and continue, but at the risk of not having a wife to return to after the holidays”, Ansier said jokingly.

The sculpture will be also a personal memorial to the artist’s son and dive buddy Matt, who he tragically lost in 2007. According to Debby, there are quite some costs involved in the construction of the art work. “Donations are trickling in”, said Rauwer, who added that donations are still welcome and very much needed. Information on the project’s and ways to help with the sponsoring of the project can be found on the Boneiru Bunita Facebook Page:

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