Methodists largest religious group on St. Eustatius

'The Methodist Church on St. Eustatius

ORANJESTAD- While popular belief often is that the Seventh Day Adventists are the dominating Religious group on St. Eustatius, figures from the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) point out that in actuality followers of the Methodist Church are the largest religious group on the island. 

Contrary to the situation on Bonaire and Saba, where Catholicism is by far the largest religion, according to CBS on St. Eustatius there are three religious groups of approximately the same size: Methodists with about 25 percent, Roman Catholics with about 23 percent and the Seventh-Day Adventists with about 19 percent. 

The percentage of people describing themselves as Pentecostals on St. Eustatius fell from 7 percent in 2017 to 3 percent in 2021.


Another interesting detail of the findings is that on St. Eustatius, the percentage of people who say they are part of a religious denomination or ideological group decreased from 85 percent in the year 2017 to 78 percent in the year 2021. 

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