Michael Pieters resigns from Island Council

Member of opposition party PDB Michael Pieters resigns from Island Council

Kralendijk- After expressing unhappiness for some time about how things are functioning in the Island Council fraction of the Democratic Party Bonaire (PDB), Michael Pieters has decided to tender his resignation as member of the island parliament.

Pieters has been critical for some time now of especially the leadership style of PDB-fraction leader Robby Beukenboom who, according to Pieters, is not very transparent nor very communicative as fraction leader. Pieters had requested support from the party leadership, but apparently has not received the requested backup or moral support.

Earlier tonight Pieters sent a letter to Island-governor Edison Rijna, announcing his resignation as a member of the local parliament. Next in line for the vacant seat on the IC would be Clark Abraham. It is a known fact however, that tensions also exist between Abraham and Beukenboom. Should Abraham take up the seat in the island council, tensions will most probably become even bigger rather than smaller and the risk of a split between the 3-member fraction is still a realistic possibility.

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