Minister Carola Schouten visits Saba

The minister had meetings with various groups on the island. Photo: OLS

THE BOTTOM – Minister Carola Schouten of Poverty Policy, Participation and Pensions visited Saba on April 22nd, accompanied by a team from the Employers’ Regulations Directorate. 

They visited several organizations, including the Saba Reach Foundation, Absolute Childcare Center, and The Spot, engaging with employees and youth to discuss challenges and opportunities. 

Issues raised included the high cost of living, housing availability, and language education. The delegation also met with Island Council members to discuss the minimum wage increase and financial literacy education. Discussions with the Executive Council focused on improving the quality of life for residents, including social minimum and pension issues. 


The delegation’s comprehensive engagement demonstrated their commitment to addressing community needs. They later visited Sint Eustatius until April 26th.

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