Minister of Justice Anna Richardson discusses anti-counterfeiting efforts and Intellectual Property

 Honorable Minister of Justice Anna E. Richardson and Anguillan Attorney Fleming Lake | Photo: Government of St. Maarten

PHILIPSBURG – Minister of Justice Anna E. Richardson and Anguillan Attorney Keesha Fleming Lake met to discuss anti-counterfeiting efforts and intellectual property protection. 

Minister Richardson emphasized the importance of enforcing counterfeit laws and tightening controls on imported products in St. Maarten. They also discussed the impact of counterfeit goods on the health and safety of residents in both Sint Maarten and Anguilla. 

Mrs. Fleming Lake praised Minister Richardson’s awareness efforts and expressed the need for regional collaboration to combat counterfeit products. Minister Richardson announced plans to host the second annual Anti-Counterfeiting and Intellectual Property conference later in the year. 


Both Sint Maarten and Anguilla are eager to engage in the conference and address these important issues. Mrs. Fleming Lake, as an international attorney, is also focused on protecting intellectual property rights under her law practice.

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