Minister of Primary and Secondary Education, Dennis Wiersma, visits Saba

Minister Wiersma visited various schools on the island and took a look in the various classrooms. Photo: Government of Saba

KRALENDIJK- Minister of Primary and Secondary Education, Dennis Wiersma, has visited the island of from May 29th through May 30th. It was the first time that Wiersma visited the island, so there was much to see and learn.

During the visit, the Minister met with the Island Governor and members of the Executive Council, and paid a visit to the primary and secondary schools, and EC2 as well as the Expertise Center Education Care.

The Minister met principal Hortance Promes, her enthusiastic teachers, and students at the Sacred Heart School. They discussed the efforts to make sure that every child on Saba learns how to read, write, and do mathematics well, making it easier for them to find a good job and take care of themselves and their family. Ensuring that all children go to school with a happy feeling was also part of the discussions.

Technique classes

At the Saba Comprehensive School, the Minister learned about the special-technique classes that help students prepare for good technical studies and jobs. This is also very important for vocational education. The Minister was very impressed by the special technique hall. 

Minister Wiersma promised to keep supporting Saba in its efforts to make sure every child and student gets the best education possible, now and in the future. The Minister also pledged extra money to intensify the reading, writing, and math classes and enrich the schooldays even further with music and technique, for example.

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