Minister Schouten visits Sentro Akseso, Mangasina di Rei and homes

Minister Schouten tried out the tradiditional Simadan dance

KRALENDIJK- On Thursday, Minister Schouten and her delegation visited Sentro Akseso, where she received an explanation about the work of the organization.

The minister was told by the social workers about the challenges they face on a daily basis. Afterwards, Minister Schouten and Deputy Den Heyer visited a few homes so that the Minister could talk to the residents and see for themselves what their situation is like.

The morning was concluded with a visit to Mangazina di Rei, where the minister was given a presentation about the vision of the organization and the work being carried out there.

Cactus soup

Minister Schouten took advantage of her visit to Mangazina di Rei to taste some cactus soup and dance simadan.

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