Ministry of Justice St. Maarten Launches New Intranet Platform

PHILIPSBURG- The Ministry of Justice launched its new “Intranet Platform” at the beginning of February for all justice personnel of the Ministry. 

The new Intranet Platform which will be used as the main communication medium and a self-service portal for the personnel of the Ministry, is an initiative of the Honorable Minister of Justice Anna E. Richardson in a bid for all the departments to receive general notices, make requests digitally, connect, share knowledge, and increase productivity. This forms another crucial step in the Ministry’s efforts to improve not only its personnel data management but also its communication with the personnel via a structured HR system.

In addition to the distribution of general notices and press statements, the new platform features services that allow personnel to request vacation days, book overtime hours, request salary advances, and even a job letter. All personnel of the Ministry of Justice have received an email inviting them to create an account with their official government email addresses. A short introduction on how to log in to the Platform has also been made available.

In comparison to the departments of the other six (6) Ministries within government, personnel of the agencies under the Ministry of Justice were not receiving timely updates sent to all civil servants as the domains of their emails are different. This platform allows the personnel, the opportunity to be included and aware of time-sensitive developments in government as this has been one of the grievances expressed.

Bridging the gap

“For quite some time, the personnel of the Ministry have been lacking the ability to receive timely updates and notices within our government apparatus. For this reason, I thought it best to have this platform created to bridge that gap. The new Intranet Platform will allow for quicker responses on small to medium issues and provide resources accessible to all personnel in one central location. As such, I encourage all the personnel of the Ministry of Justice to take advantage of this opportunity by creating their accounts on the platform and look forward to the improved interdepartmental communication that this platform will facilitate,” stated Minister Richardson.

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