Minster Dennis Wiersma visits water plant Bonaire

KRALENDIJK- Dennis Wiersma, Minister for Primary and Secondary Education, has visited the new drinking water facility at Hato and spoke with instructors and students from WEB.

Water -en Energiebedrijf Bonaire (WEB) has been a recognized training company since 2013 and has 20 employees who are recognized instructors. In recent years, many VMBO trainees and MBO students in BOL or BBL programs have been trained at WEB.

On June 2nd , Minister Wiersma, together with representatives of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, the SGB and the ROA, visited WEB at the location of the new drinking water factory.

Financial director Joanne Balentien-Nicastia gave a presentation about the importance of MBO and VMBO students in training at WEB. During the meeting, the minister was able to meet and talk to various teachers and the students.

According to WEB, supervising students has proven to be an efficient way to bring workers into the Company. “Many students have started working at WEB after their education. They work as professionals at various Business Units, such as BU Electricity, BU Drinking water BU Wastewater”, says WEB in a press release.


WEB states they are also aware of how important MBO students are for the future of the island. “Partly due to the enormous growth, there is a great shortage of well-trained professionals on Bonaire and at WEB”.

WEB says they recognize the importance of cooperation between vocational education and the business community and, as a training company, wants to contribute to craftsmanship on the island. “We thank the minister for his interest in our company and our employees”, said WEB in closing.

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