Modest group present at Te Amo Beach for Greenpeace Bonaire manifestation

While the atmosphere was good, the amount of people present was relatively modest. Photo: ABC Online Media

KRALENDIJK – Yesterday a modest group of people attended Te Amo Beach, where a manifestation was organized in Kralendijk under the name “Pueblo riba pia” to demand “Climate Justice.” 

During the event, participants called for urgent action to address climate change. Although there was a police presence and vehicles, the manifestation proceeded very calmly. Participants hope to see concrete action from the Netherlands to take various measures in the short term to mitigate the effects of climate change on Bonaire.

“Many beautiful words are put forward, but nothing remains done. 2050 will do something, that’s late because things will happen sooner than the mentioned time. I am a farmer, I plant many things, but they do not grow because the temperature is too high,” said Onnie Emerenciana on behalf of Greenpeace Bonaire.


Emerenciana also showed that if the southern part goes underwater as planned, it will affect the hinterland of Bonaire. “A lot of our coral has started to die. That is what attracts tourists, so we have income.” 

According to Emerenciana, action must be taken now, and waiting longer is not an option.

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