Monique Wilson (SLP): “We Accept no Pity”

Wilson, seen here next to Island Governor Jonathan Johnson will not returning to the Island Council

The Bottom, Saba- Yesterday saw both the installation of two new Island Council members, and the farewell of two council members who will not be returning: Ishmael Levenston and Monique Wilson, both of the Saba Labor Party (SLP).

The Labour Party did not win any seat in the Island Council elections of March 20, 2019. Levenston was not present during the ceremony for health reasons, but Wilson did make use of the opportunity to give a farewell speech.

No pity

“Many say they feel sorry for the SLP, but we accept no pity. We claim strength, because I feel overwhelmingly proud that I served my island being true to you and to myself, never once sacrificing my position for wrongdoings”, said Wilson.

Wilson also said that SLP party leader Ishmael Levenston and the unselfish work he gave for the people of Saba, should never be forgotten. “A genuine people’s politician who cares for you more than he did for himself”, said Wilson about Levenston.

Chairman of the Island Council Island Governor Jonathan Johnson thanked Wilson and Levenston for four years of good working relations. He referred to Levenston as a “unique figure in our politics” having been an Island Council Member for five times, always reminding the Government of their responsibilities towards the people.

The WIPM party managed to win all 5 seats in the Island Council, which means there will be no opposition in the Island Council. This situation, however unique as it may be, is not the first time around. The WIPM in the past past had once before achieved all 5 seats.

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