(More) Condom Dispensers Coming to Saba

Condom dispensers may soon be a pretty common sight on Saba, based on the plans laid out in the Sports & Prevention Agreement signed between Saba and The Hague.

The Bottom, Saba -Condom dispensers may soon become a common sight in Saba, as the placement of dispensers on the island appears to be one of the plans laid down in the Sports & Prevention agreement signed by Commissioner Wilson and State Secretary Paul Blokhuis yesterday.

“To curb sexual transmitted diseases, parties aim to promote the use of contraceptives. This includes more dispensers where condoms are available 24/7”, according to a press release sent out by the Public Entity.

According to the agreement, the testing of sexual transmitted diseases should also become more accessible, and sex education for youngsters and parents should become more structural.

The agreement also notes that more support is needed to assist local organizations, and to promote cooperation between these organizations.

The plans aims to further develop and strengthen Saba’s Public Health Department.

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