More than 2,000 affordable homes through the Bonaire Housing Deal

Photo ABC Online Media

KRALENDIJK – On Thursday, Minister Hugo de Jonge signed a housing deal with the Public Entity Bonaire (OLB), Fundashon Cas Boneiriano (FCB), and the Water and Energy Company Bonaire (WEB). The deal, which provides for the construction of affordable homes for the local population, was confirmed at the new housing project in Hato, where over 200 houses are currently being built.

The agreement entails the construction of a total of 2,144 affordable homes on Bonaire. The locations for the first 600 homes have already been determined, with a budget of 10 million euros allocated for their realization.

“Now that the deal has been signed, it’s time for action,” said De Jonge. The minister added that the growth in housing should not come at the expense of nature conservation. However, according to the minister, the limits of this growth are the responsibility of Bonaire itself, not the Netherlands.

Commissioners Hennyson Thielman and James Kroon emphasized the active role of the government in this process and advocated for more than just the signing of the agreement. “We don’t just want to sign agreements; we also want to see concrete action. The new construction projects will have good roads, childcare facilities, and supermarkets nearby to create a livable environment.”

Significant achievements

Chairman of FCB, Ben Oleana, stated that the housing deal is a massive step forward for all residents of Bonaire. It is now time to help the citizens and not just make the rich richer. Oleana also expressed gratitude towards the Netherlands, saying, “There have been significant achievements; land policy is in order, a rent committee has been established, a rent table has been adopted, and there is mortgage guarantee, which helps the residents. By 2025, 444 affordable homes will be available on Bonaire through this housing deal.”

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