Most PCN pensions paid before upcoming weekend

KRALENDIJK – PCN Chairman Harald Linkels has reassured that the majority of retirees from the Caribbean Netherlands Pension Fund (PCN) will receive their pensions before the upcoming weekend. 

Recent concerns arose among retirees, particularly on Bonaire, when the fund published an advertisement indicating later payment dates than usual. 

PCN’s Head of Administration, Dudley Wedervoort, cited several changes for the delay, including adjustments to the tax-free amount and the board’s decision to index pensions from January 1, 2024. 

Despite the initial concerns, the fund’s collection department managed to expedite pension transfers to banks, ensuring that a significant portion of retirees will receive their payments between Thursday and Friday. Linkels expressed regret for any unnecessary concern caused and said he appreciated the team’s effort to implement changes swiftly and ensure timely payments.

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