MPB advocates for more imports from Venezuela to combat high food prices 

KRALENDIJK – The Movementu di Pueblo Boneriano (MPB), through Milena Winklaar, is advocating for increased imports from neighbouring Venezuela as a strategy to curb the rise in food prices on the island.

“It is a fact that food prices have risen worldwide in recent years, and that is beyond our control. However, one solution within our control is to import more products from Venezuela,” says Winklaar. 

The politician recalls that it has been a year since the borders with Venezuela were reopened for the import of fruits and vegetables. At that time, the idea was that, after evaluation, the possibility would be expanded to import more products from Venezuela. 

More products

“In the meantime, on Aruba and Curaçao, many more products from Venezuela can be imported. Why is this not the case in Bonaire? We are talking about products such as cheese, meat, and fish, as well as feed for livestock. Another question that arises is why the boats can only supply wholesalers and not directly to the consumer,” Winklaar wonders.

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