MPB leader Elvis Tjin Asjoe appointed Commissioner

Tjin Asjoe being sworn in on Tuesday evening

KRALENDIJK- On the recommendation of his party, current MPB party chairman Elvis Tjin Asjoe has been appointed Commissioner for an interim period. He will take on the portfolio of deputy Nina den Heyer, who left at the end of November. 

Due to the short time until the island council elections (March 15), an experienced candidate has been chosen for the sake of progress, who can hit the ground running. 

According to the MPB Party Board, in the areas of Social Affairs and Welfare, Public Health Care and Housing, in particular, there are urgent developments that require full attention. “For example, talks are underway with ministries about, among other things, the design of the research into determining the social minimum, the continued existence of Bonlab and the creation of a spatial development and housing program. 

This is the third time around that Tjin Asjoe has been appointed Commissioner. In 2009 and 2010 the blue party leader was commissioner for a short period. In 2019, when the party won the elections again, Elvis Tjin Asjoe became deputy for Finance, Economic Development and Tourism. In November 2020, due to private circumstances, he took a step back and took a seat in the Island Council again.


Until the formation of a new coalition after the upcoming elections, Elvis Tjin Asjoe is responsible as a deputy for social affairs and welfare, public health care, labor affairs, culture, education and public housing. “A lot is currently happening in The Hague in a number of these areas. Not that major decisions will be made in the short term, but it is important that we are on top of it to prevent us from being confronted with choices in the course of next year that we have not discussed”, says Tjin Asjoe.

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