MPB objects to the process of preparing discussions on WolBES and FinBES

KRALENDIJK- The Movementu di Pueblo Boneriano (MPB), through its faction leader Junny Wout, has serious objections to the process by which discussions on adjustments to the WolBES and FinBES on the part of Bonaire were prepared. 

The process that has resulted in a document with discussion points on the side of Bonaire cannot therefore meet the approval of the blue party. “The document in question has been prepared without the involvement of the population. As a result, they have not had the opportunity to express their opinions,” said Wout. 

MPB also has reservations about what it describes as ’the agenda behind the document’. The party fears that the island council’s agenda consists of readdressing the island’s constitutional structure, which according to MPB was never the purpose of the discussions on the two laws. 

Missed opportunity 

According to Wout, the lack of transparency is a missed opportunity for an open debate on the desired course of the island.

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