Much enthusiasm for homework coaching in Rincon 

KRALENDIJK – The enthusiasm for extra guidance in homework among students from Rincon is great. Given the enthusiasm of all stakeholders, the Bonaire Reading and Writing Foundation wants to continue the project, which began with a pilot in January, until the summer.

Elementary school students in group 7 and 8 and students in the first and second grade of secondary education can receive guidance every Tuesday and Thursday between 15:00 and 17:00. This helps them to prepare for their exams or for subjects they find difficult. 

The guidance takes place in the common room of Kas di Schermer at Plaza Commerce in the middle of Rincon and is provided by teacher Dientje, who also lives in Rincon. The students especially have difficulties with reading comprehension and could really use the help to stay focused, to finish tasks and to be tested. 

What she likes best is that when she has helped the students with a particular task, they come and tell her very proudly about the nice grade they got. “Like the 10 for a poem by D’angé, the 7.5 for a book review by Gillardino and a 10 for Ellyena for spelling,” says teacher Dientje enthusiastically. 

With the location itself, teacher Dientje also has a special bond. “For me it is an honor to be in the former home of my great aunt and godfather to support the young people from Rincon with their school tasks and to motivate them to get the best out of themselves,” she says in conversation with 

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