Music Week for children Bonaire kicks off in grand style

KRALENDIJK – Last Saturday, the ACE Foundation launched the Music Week for children during the Nos Zjilea program at Magazina di Rei. The event started with a speech by Director Segni Bernardina, highlighting this year’s theme, “Mi Kultura ta Uni-Ko” (My Culture is Unique), emphasizing Bonaire’s unique and cohesive culture.

The week aims to promote unity and cultural pride through music. The ACE Foundation produced seven new children’s songs, focusing on aspects that make Bonaire’s culture unique. The album, titled “Mi Kultura ta Uni-Ko,” is available on the ACE Foundation’s YouTube channel, featuring all songs and two new music videos: “Indjan Arowak” and “Kultura.”

The Music Week continues with various activities in schools, including concerts and a closing event on Friday at Skol Amplio Papa Cornes, with a livestream on Live 99.9. Throughout the week, Tio Breezy will entertain children with songs via Breezy FM, and Live 99.9 will host a daily program discussing culture and children’s music. The ACE Foundation encourages the creation of positive music for children.

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