MV-Niki will be executing Ferry Connection while Makana is being repaired

MV Niki V

THE BOTTOM/ORANJESTAD- Due to a technical problem which occured over the weekend, the Makana ferry service is unable to operate. Ferry operator Blues & Blues reached out via its agents to solve the transportation need of the stranded passengers. The vessel is currently in St. Maarten for repairs.

For the duration of the repairs to MV Makana, the Nikki V ferry will operate as back-up. MV Nicky V left for St. Eustatius on Wednesday, December 22, from where it will commence operations to Saba and St. Maarten on Thursday, December 23. All passengers who were stranded in the previous days, have returned home.


As a result of the technical problem with MV Makana, an evaluation of the contingency plan will be discussed after the holiday season. The PSO agreement monitors the operation to ensure improvement of service levels and a sustainable continuation after two years.

According to the public entities, the social and economic benefits to Saba and St. Eustatius of the maritime connection are fundamental. Residents are encouraged, by the Governments of St. Eustatius and Saba, to try the new maritime connection.

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