Naval ship De Pelikaan carries 99 boxes of books to Suriname and Curaçao

The boxes with books are being unloaded in Suriname. Photo: Institute for the Education of Teachers (IOL)

KRALENDIJK/PARAMARIBO – Thanks to an action in which several volunteers participated, a total of 99 boxes full of books no longer used on Bonaire have been donated to schools in Suriname.

After the volunteers had conceived the plan to transport books that became obsolete on Scholengemeenschap Bonaire (SGB) to Suriname and Curaçao respectively, the Royal Netherlands Navy was approached to see if they would be willing to transport the books to Suriname and Curaçao.

Final destination

In total 99 boxes of books were shipped, of which 76 boxes were sent to Suriname and 23 boxes to Curaçao. In Curaçao, the boxes were delivered to Radulphus College and in Surinam to Instituuut Opleiding leraren. 

Artie de Vries, Melinda Labega, Rocargo, Patricia Joven, Nynke Niessink-Hoekstra, AGS Meyer and Robbert-Jan van Dam, among others, participated in the action.

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