Navy intercepts over a ton of cocaine in the Caribbean

Photo: Defensie Caribisch Gebied

The navy ship Zr.Ms. Groningen has intercepted over a ton of cocaine in the Caribbean in just four days, during two separate operations on April 24 and April 28.

The interceptions were aided by an American patrol aircraft that spotted the drug-laden go-fasts. The Dutch Navy deployed fast interception boats manned by the Fleet Marine Squadron and LEDET from the U.S. Coast Guard to approach the go-fasts and arrest the suspects.

During the first action, the surrender of the suspects was forced by warning shots, while the second action proceeded without such measures. A total of four suspects were arrested and 1072 kg of cocaine were seized. The drugs have been handed over to the U.S. Coast Guard and have since been destroyed. The suspects will be prosecuted in the United States.

Since the beginning of April 2024, Zr.Ms Groningen has been active again in the Caribbean. The ship is part of international counterdrug operations, often collaborating with the U.S. Coast Guard and the Caribbean Coast Guard.

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