New Airplane for Aruba Airlines

The CRJ aircraft, with Aruban registration P4-CRA, will replace the same aircraft Aruba Airlines was until now leasing on a wet-lease basis. Photo: Hensley Garcia.

Oranjestad- Aruba Airlines this week receives their new CRJ-200 airplane which already carries the Aruban P-4 registration.

The arrival of the new aircraft means that Aruba Airlines will no longer depend on a wet-leased airplane, operated by a Canadian leasing company. The new airplane will therefor also be staffed with local crew, replacing the foreign crew that operated the wet-leased aircraft.

The new plane will primarily be used on the ABC routes served by the 50-seater CRJ aircraft. Aruba Airlines said they are also planning to open new routes before the end of 2019.

The CRJ is the smallest plane used by Aruba Airlines, which operates mostly aircraft from the Airbus A320 family. The arrival of the new plan is good news for Aruba Airlines, which has recently been going through a rough patch caused by the closing of the border between Venezuela and Aruba.

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