New art project on Bonaire: Trippin Tuna 

KRALENDIJK – The enormous, more than four meters long, stainless steel Trippin Tuna is coming into motion and to life in the waters of Bonaire as a new art project. 

Here the Tuna will be under water for months at various locations. She will become one with nature there. After a while the Tuna will lose its ‘iron’ shape, as the underwater nature takes over with sponges, manta rays and coral polyps. Passing swimmers, snorkelers and divers are challenged to picture the Tuna. 


Artist Fred Ros challenges them to visualize their own experience, filming and photographing the Tuna as they see her. Photos are shared on social media and Ros selects the best ones for the next step, the next artwork. According to the creators, the art object stands as a symbol of vulnerable humans and ditto nature. “With this project, we soon discover that the Trippin Tuna can take on a deeper meaning, both as imagery and attention to the decline of nature, the role and vulnerability of man.”

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