New Board Members appointed on Eutel’s Supervisory Board

New Board Members appointed on Eutel’s Supervisory Board
Carlos Lopes and Ingra Bennett will also resign on April 30th, 2022

ORANJESTAD- There are some changes on the Supervisory Board of Eutel, with the instalment of Shermen Gibbs- Pompier, Mr. Edsel Hooker, and Mr. Ernest Sams as new board members. 

The new board members replace Andrenne Roulston, Alex Demming and Julian Hinckson who resigned at the end of December 2021, after completing a 5-year cycle on the Supervisory Board of the Telecommunications Company. 

Two of the current Board Members, Carlos Lopes and Ingra Bennet will continue another 4 months on the board, before they also resign to be subsequently replaced by new board members. 

Five years

Board members on Eutel’s supervisory board are named for a period of 5 years. “We bid farewell to the departing board members with gratitude for their contribution. At the same time, we are pleased to welcome and introduce the three incoming board members who are eager to pick up where their predecessors have left off”, said Shareholder representative, Government Commissioner Alida Francis.

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