New book: Our Colonial Past in 50 objects

“Ons Koloniaal Verleden in 50 Voorwerpen” is a new book offering a fresh perspective on the colonial history that has shaped contemporary Netherlands. 

The book features fifty stories authored by a diverse range of contributors, from young historians to renowned writers. It challenges the traditionally one-sided narrative of colonialism by shedding light on previously overlooked stories and individuals. Edited by Valika Smeulders, Wayne Modest, Sheila Sitalsing, Wieteke van Zeil, and Tjerk Gualthérie van Weezel, the book provides a comprehensive and nuanced understanding of the nation’s colonial heritage, touching on topics like coffee, sugar, family histories, and more. 

It also includes contributions from well-known figures in the Caribbean, such as Izaline Calister, Gershwin Bonevacia and Noraly Beyer, adding depth and diversity to the exploration of colonial history.

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