New Captain for Ambulance Operator Medicair

Anthony (right) is the Medicair’s newest Captain on the Learjet. Photo: Medicair/EZ Air

KRALENDIJK/WILLEMSTAD – Air Ambulance operator Medicair, part of airline EZ Air, has a new captain in the person of Neshomar Anthony.

The brand new captain was presented with his fourth stripe on New Year’s Day by fellow captain and fleet manager of the Air Ambulances, Amir Martin and nurse Asha Van Severen of the Fundashon Mariadal.

Medical director René Winkel is proud “I am very proud of our local air ambulance crews who have worked tirelessly for twelve years to not miss a single emergency. Day or night, good weather, bad weather, between the islands or further afield to Colombia. These guys are always ready,” says Winkel.


Medicar’s operational base is Bonaire’s Flamingo Airport, where the organization also has its hangar. The organization has two Learjets at its disposal for the medical transfer of patients.

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