New Caribbean Coast Guard helicopters operational

De P4-NAC is already wearing the official Dutch Caribbean Coastguard colours. Photo: Coastguard

WILLEMSTAD – The Coast Guard Dutch Caribbean has commissioned two new helicopters. The contract with the leasing company Draken expired at the end of last year and a lot of hard work has been done in recent years on new contracts for new helicopters.

The two new helicopters, under an interim contract, have been supplied by the British company Bristow Helicopters Limited. With the interim contract with Bristow, the Coast Guard has guaranteed the helicopter’s flight capacity for its services. One of the two helicopters is currently painted in the colors of the Coast Guard. The other helicopter carries the colors of the Bristow company.

By mid-2023, both new helicopters must be painted in the usual Coast Guard colors. Both helicopters are expected to fly for the Coast Guard for 10 years.


The type of helicopter, AW-139, remains the same for both the interim contract and the new contract, but the sensors of the new helicopters have been improved, there are better means of communication on board and the helicopters are better equipped for search and rescue.

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