New Classroom at Laura Linzey Day Care Center Saba

New Classroom at Laura Linzy Day Care center

Saba is happy with the opening of a new classroom at the Laura Linzey Day Care center

The Bottom, Saba – On Monday, January 16th 2017, the official opening of the new classroom for the Laura Linzey Day Care Center on Saba, occurred. In attendance of the opening was Governor Jonathan Johnson, Commissioner of Youth Affairs Rolando Wilson, Island Secretary Tim Muller, Policy Advisor for Social Affairs Krijn Pons, Project Coordinator for the Laura Linzey Day Care Center and After School Care Floor Burghgraef, the staff of the Laura Linzey Day Care Center, and some of the parents whose children will be utilizing the building.

On October 4th 2016, a one year contract for the rental of the Anglican John Canon Hall Rectory was signed between Commissioner of Youth Affairs Rolando Wilson and Reverend J. Rohim from Christ Church in The Bottom. The contract is open for renewal after one year and it is predicted rectory will be used for approximately 2 to 2 ½ years.

At the opening ceremony, Director Margaret Childs gave welcoming greetings to all in attendance, while explaining what the building will be used for. She expressed that the space was very much needed as there are many children that will be joining the day care. Teacher Virginia Johnson and Teacher Shareska Lucas will be the Care-Givers for the three year olds in this new classroom. The classroom was creatively arranged with displays showing the children’s daily routine, the letters of the alphabet, a birthday wall, a math area as well as different play stations such as a doll house, a building blocks area and puppet a show corner.

Teacher Virginia stated that the children were enthusiastic about the new space, as well as the various activities that they will participate in. These activities will help to prepare them for kindergarten and will include learning fine motor skills, the sounds of the letters of the alphabet, and learning basic numbers.

Commissioner Wilson conveyed his happiness about seeing the success of this endeavour and that he hoped this additional space will create a more comfortable environment for the teachers and children.

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