New conference room CPB BES named after Esther Pourier-Thodé

Close family of Esther Pourier-Thodé was present during the inauguration of the new conference room. Photo: CPB BES

KRALENDIJK – During the recent opening of the new CPB BES office, the meeting room of the Secretariat was inaugurated in the honour of Esther Pourier-Thodé. 

Pourier-Thodé who passed on recently was the vice-president of CBP BES since its establishment. She was the silent force within the organization and had a special responsibility for business operation, particularly for personnel matters.

“Today, we honour Esther Pourier-Thodé’s contribution to our committee by naming the meeting room after her. Esther was a highly esteemed member and vice-president who helped our committee focus on the individual and the fundamental rights of individuals. With the naming of the meeting room, we aim to keep her contribution alive and cherish her perspective throughout the existence of our committee,” said Chairman Mr. Glenn Thodé.

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